It's amazing how many cyclists I come across who say whats a base layer or undershirt or why should I wear one? I cant ride without one being summer or winter, summer base layers are made from a light breathable mesh fabric and in winter I cant go without my Australian Merino wool base layer.

A base layer or undershirt is the foundation of a cyclist's wardrobe and key item of clothing for comfort on the bike. Sitting closely next the skin, it wicks sweat away to help regulate your body temperature, insulating you against the cold on winter rides and keeping you cool in summer. YES they do work and keep you so comfortable and your jersey stay's nice and dry and doesn't stick to your skin.

If you have never worn one before, I say give it a try as you will be feeling nice and cool this summer. I am designing Womens specific base layers as I find the unisex or mens a bit longer in the body and wider across the chest area, stay tuned! 

My base layers are made right here in Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺 

I have created a special offer of $10 just type in Ride at checkout! Bonus with FREE shipping included Australia wide

December 18, 2020 — Rosie Price


Karen said:

Good article, cycling is more comfortable with an undershirt!

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