Emerging from lockdown, it's only really now that I can look back on this time we all experienced and see even more clearly how that has let my passion for cycling and my own place of life on the Mornington Peninsula grow in ways like never before. 

For more than 20 years cycling has been my self expression vehicle, and I adore the places it's taken me and the people to meet. These recent times I found myself drawn even more to riding and when out pedalling in the salt air, gazing across our beautiful region by the seaside or looking down from way up high on Arthur's seat to the beaches below, there became a new freshness, floods of ideas and inspirations that were as exciting as the sound of the breeze swooshing from my wheels.

I've always loved Ventou cycling wear, being surrounded by it through my work and those escapes on the pedals. An iconic Australian brand they are to me, and even better, with their production right here in my backyard, in Brooklyn, Melbourne. This period of time being removed from my regular places, faces and connections spun the perfect new opportunity to connect with the passionate team at Ventou. With my maritime and marine inspired ideas roaring into space, they couldn't be more excited about the prospect of taking my designs from concept to beautiful articles of locally inspired sports cycling wear.

Working together with Ventou's leader, Greg, jersey production samples included functional designs that I felt really make a difference for me on the road - big back pockets, the cut of the jersey, the zippers and the way the hemline sits - all the while showcasing the fun and enjoyment on the Mornington Peninsula, where I reside and love to ride my bike. 

Capturing the hidden beauty of our region, the designs represent the local secrets so affectionately inspired by other members of our community. Collaborating with Marlon Quinn from WaterMaarq Dolphin and Seal Swim Tours, the hidden gems of the Mornington Peninsula and Great Southern Reef marine life not only emerge through his photos of sea life, but with Ventou's special printing technology, these images appear on the inside of my sea-life collection jerseys for you to find.

The sea has always been a place where fond memories and connection with family and friends has meant something special to me, it's in my blood, my heritage and in my every day. I am so looking forward to the release of my new collection and sharing these symbols of my lifestyle and my passion with you. I hope you connect with them too.

Stay tuned for many more blogs and rides coming your way.


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March 23, 2021 — Rosie Price

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